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 ( Hodara ) Family
(Hodara) Other family members
 Ester  Hodara
 Bohora  Hodara
 Yusef  Hodara
 Natan  Hodara
 Mazalto  Hodara
 Nesim Pinehas  Hodara
 Roza  Hodara
 Coya  Hodara
 Behor Menahem  Hodara
 Ester  Hodara
 Esterola  Hodara
 İsak  Hodara
 Kaden  Hodara
 Yuda  Hodara
 Doniz  Hodara
 İsak  Hodara
 Yosef  Hodara
 Zimbul  Hodara
 Davi  Hodara
 Vida  Hodara
 Avram  Hodara
 Refka  Hodara
 Arun  Hodara
 Raşel  Hodara
 Coya  Hodara
 Refael  Hodara
 Bohor  Hodara
 Hacı Bohor  Hodara
 Dudu  Hodara
 Hayim  Hodara
 Rahel  Hodara
 Matilda  Hodara
 Reyna  Hodara
 Yossef  Hodara
 Itzhak  Hodara
 Kaden  Hodara
 Binyamin  Hodara
 Sara  Hodara
 Pinehas  Hodara
 Luna  Hodara
 Ester  Hodara
 Pinehas  Hodara
 Miriam  Hodara
 Rivka  Hodara
 Moreno Menahem  Hodara
 Yaacov  Hodara
 Menahem  Hodara
 Vida  Hodara
 Yomtov  Hodara
 Bohor Menahem  Hodara
 Sinyora Bohora  Hodara
 Behor Avram  Hodara
 Luna  Hodara
 Yako  Hodara
 Refka  Hodara
 Menahim  Hodara
 Fenerci Morino  Hodara
 Luna  Hodara
 Rehamim  Hodara
 Rahel  Hodara
 Bohor  Hodara
 Avram  Hodara
 Mişon  Hodara
 Avram  Hodara
 Kaden  Hodara
 Avram  Hodara
 Pinehas  Hodara
 UNKNOWN  Hodara
 Yosef Behor  Hodara
 Ester  Hodara
 Eliezer Hodara
 Personal Informations
Name :   Eliezer
Surname :   Hodara
2. Surname :   Keskiner
Date of Birth :   10.03.1922
Place of Birth :   Tire
 Family Informations
Family Ledger No :   185
Mother Name :   Rahel Hodara Father Name :   Hayim Hodara
Spouse :   Matilda Hodara Date of Marriage :  06.10.1949 Religious Marriage Date :  06.10.1948
Children :   Unknown
 Other informations
Address :   Unknown Date of Death :   Unknown
School :   Unknown Cause of Death :   Unknown
Profession :   Tuhafiyeci (Haberdasher) Burial Place :   Unknown
 School Certificate  Marriage Certificate  Signature
 Unknown  Unknown
Lazar’s mother Rasel gave birth to ten children who all died at birth or short while after the birth. Sarota (Saruta) Barsimantov (wife of Yako) was a neighbour of Rasel and a close friend of the family. She had 8 healthy children. When Rasel got pregnant, carrying Lazar, she asked Sarota to take the newborn baby immediately after birth and pass him through her clothes and claim him as her new born baby so he can live and not die as Rasel’s other children. Sort of misleading the faith. And so it was! Lazar grew as a brother to the Barsimantov children. His mother Rasel paid every year a small amount of money to Sarota symbolically.
 Azar and Hodara families, ca 1950
1.  Yuda Azar
2.  Raşel Azar
3.  Yıldız Azar
4.  Matilda Hodara
5.  Eliezer Hodara
 Eliezer Hodara
1.  Eliezer Hodara
 Eliezer-Matilda Hodara wedding, 06.10.1948
1.  Matilda Hodara
2.  Eliezer Hodara
 Hodara Family, 1948.
1.  Eliezer Hodara
2.  Matilda Hodara
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