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 ( Nahum ) Family
(Nahum) Other family members
 Coya  Nahum
 İsak  Nahum
 Sünbül  Nahum
 Meryem  Nahum
 İsak  Nahum
 Ester  Nahum
 Mazalto  Nahum
 Moris  Nahum
 Behora  Nahum
 Mazalto  Nahum
 İsak  Nahum
 Yosef  Nahum
 Menahem  Nahum
 Sultan  Nahum
 Mordehay  Nahum
 Mazaltov  Nahum
 Rabeno  Nahum
 Baruh  Nahum
 Perla Sara Nahum
 Personal Informations
Perla Sara
Name :   Perla Sara
Surname :   Nahum
2. Surname :   Unknown
Maiden Name :   Barsimantov (Bars)
Date of Birth :   1910
Place of Birth :   İzmir
 Family Informations
Family Ledger No :   Hurşidiye304 H-77
Mother Name :   Sünbül Nahum Father Name :   İsak Nahum
Spouse :   Kavriyel Barsimantov Date of Marriage :  13.05.1935 Religious Marriage Date :  13.05.1935
Children :   Yakup (Yaacov) Barsimantov Children :   İsak Barsimantov
Children :   Yuda Barsimantov Children :   Ester Barsimantov
 Other informations
Address :   Unknown Date of Death :   Unknown
School :   Unknown Cause of Death :   Unknown
Profession :   Unknown Burial Place :   Unknown
 School Certificate  Marriage Certificate  Signature
 Unknown  Unknown  Unknown
Parents of Perla Sara Nahum moved to Uruguay when she was a little girl and she was adopted by Yehuda and Luna Albaglı (not sure about their surname). Perla was married to Gavriel Barsimantov at 13.05.1936. (Source: Mili Alon).
 Engagement of Gavriel-Perla Sara Barsimantov, 1935
1.  Kavriyel Barsimantov
2.  Perla Sara Nahum
 Wedding of Gavriel-Perla Barsimantov, 13.05.1936
1.  Yako Barsimantov
2.  Saruta Barsimantov
3.  Kavriyel Barsimantov
4.  Perla Sara Nahum
5.  Salamon (Shelomo) Barsimantov
6.  Shemoel Avram Barsimantov
7.  Bohora Kılara Barsimantov
8.  Marko Valansi
9.  Raheyel (Rahel) Valansi
10.  Nesim Barsimantov
11.  Refka Barsimantov
 Perla Sara Barsimantov sitting at the left.
1.  Perla Sara Nahum
 Barsimantov family, ca 1948.
1.  Kavriyel Barsimantov
2.  Perla Sara Nahum
3.  Ester Barsimantov
4.  Yakup (Yaacov) Barsimantov
5.  İsak Barsimantov
6.  Yuda Barsimantov
 Perla Sara Barsimantov with her step mother.
1.  Perla Sara Nahum
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