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 ( Kalomiti ) Family
(Kalomiti) Other family members
 Sarina  Kalomiti
 Sarota (Sarah)  Kalomiti
 Luna  Kalomiti
 Şemoel  Kalomiti
 Coya  Kalomiti
 Yaşova  Kalomiti
 Luiz  Kalomiti
 Davi  Kalomiti
 Estreya  Kalomiti
 Nesim  Kalomiti
 Grasya (Yafa)  Kalomiti
 İsak  Kalomiti
 Bohor Moşe  Kalomiti
 Yusef  Kalomiti
 Meryem  Kalomiti
 Tamar  Kalomiti
 Mazalto  Kalomiti
 Şemoil  Kalomiti
 Kaden  Kalomiti
 Bohor Shemuel  Kalomiti
 Hayim  Kalomiti
 Cemile  Kalomiti
 Avram  Kalomiti
 David  Kalomiti
 Şelomo  Kalomiti
 Yuda  Kalomiti
 Perla  Kalomiti
 Şemtov  Kalomiti
 Yaşua  Kalomiti
 Mişon  Kalomiti
 Tamar  Kalomiti
 İsak  Kalomiti
 UNKNOWN  Kalomiti
 Kaden  Kalomiti
 Yona  Kalomiti
 Shmuel  Kalomiti
 Mazal  Kalomiti
 Tamar  Kalomiti
 Mary  Kalomiti
 Recina  Kalomiti
 Meri  Kalomiti
 Ester  Kalomiti
 Kırşon  Kalomiti
 Ester Kalomiti
 Personal Informations
Name :   Ester
Surname :   Kalomiti
2. Surname :   Unknown
Maiden Name :   Kalomiti (Kanat)
Date of Birth :   15.03.1918
Place of Birth :   Tire
 Family Informations
Family Ledger No :   159
Mother Name :   Tamar Kalomiti Father Name :   Şemoil Kalomiti
Spouse :  Unknown Date of Marriage :  Unknown Religious Marriage Date :  Unknown
Children :   Unknown
Siblings :   Meryem Kalomiti Siblings :   Yusef Kalomiti
Siblings :   Bohor Moşe Kalomiti Siblings :   İsak Kalomiti
Siblings :   Nesim Kalomiti Siblings :   Hayim Kalomiti
Siblings :   Davi Kalomiti Siblings :   Yaşova Kalomiti
Siblings :   Bohora Azar
 Other informations
Address :   Unknown Date of Death :   02.09.1943
School :   Unknown Cause of Death :   Soykırım (Holocaust)
Profession :   Unknown Burial Place :   Auschwitz
 School Certificate  Marriage Certificate  Signature
 Unknown  Unknown  Unknown
 Kalomiti (Kanat) Family
1.  Nesim Kalomiti
2.  Ester Kalomiti
3.  Davi Kalomiti
4.  Meryem Kalomiti
 Esther Kalomiti (Kanat)
1.  Ester Kalomiti
 Tamar and Esther Kalomiti (Kanat)
1.  Tamar Kalomiti
2.  Ester Kalomiti
 Esther Kalomiti (Kanat)
1.  Ester Kalomiti
 Sardas and Kalomiti Families.
1.  İsak Kalomiti
2.  Kılara Benjoya
4.  Ester Kalomiti
5.  Vida Viktorya Sadra
6.  Bohora Azar
7.  Bohor Moşe Kalomiti
8.  Sarina Kalomiti
9.  Tamar Kalomiti
10.  Sarota (Sarah) Kalomiti
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