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 ( Arditi ) Family
(Arditi) Other family members
 Miryam  Arditi
 Efrayim  Arditi
 Julya  Arditi
 Sarina  Arditi
 Behor David  Arditi
 Yako  Arditi
 Rahel  Arditi
 Mişon  Arditi
 Avram  Arditi
 Alegra  Arditi
 Rachel  Arditi
 İtzhak  Arditi
 Selim Arditi
 Personal Informations
Name :   Selim
Surname :   Arditi
2. Surname :   Unknown
Date of Birth :   Unknown
Place of Birth :   Unknown
 Family Informations
Family Ledger No :   Unknown
Mother Name :   Julya Arditi Father Name :   Yako Arditi
Spouse :   Alegra Arditi Date of Marriage :  Unknown Religious Marriage Date :  Unknown
Children :   Unknown
Siblings :   Ester Telyas
Siblings :   Sara Levi Siblings :   Avram Arditi
 Other informations
Address :   Unknown Date of Death :   Unknown
School :   Unknown Cause of Death :   Unknown
Profession :   Unknown Burial Place :   Unknown
 School Certificate  Marriage Certificate  Signature
 Unknown  Unknown  Unknown
 Wed. of Nesim Telyas-Ester Arditi, 1979
1.  Selim Arditi
2.  Sara Levi
3.  Alegra Arditi
4.  Yako Arditi
5.  Ester Telyas
6.  Nesim Telyas
7.  Julya Arditi
8.  Avram Arditi
9.  Yako Arditi
 Arditi Family ca 1960.
1.  Selim Arditi
2.  Julya Arditi
3.  Yako Arditi
4.  Ester Telyas
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