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To be kept in mind in order to use our database efficiently:

1) In some of the documents that were analysed, it can be seen that some names were either misspelled by the officials or Turkified and simply written down as they are pronounced. This database strove to adhere to the original logs as best as possible. This is why it would be immensely useful to try the alternative spellings of the name of whom you are searching for. A few examples of alternative spellings of some names would be as follows:

- Avraam, Avram, Avraham.

- Mishon, Mişon, Moşe.

- Mazaltov, Mazalto, Mathilda, Matilda.

- Stella, Estella, Streya, Esterya, Estreya, Yıldız.

- Haim, Hayim.

- Biniamin, Binyamin, Bünyamin.

- Rachel, Raşel, Rahel.  

2) Our Jewish citizens had had surnames long before 1935, however, in 02.01.1935,  a law was passed that made the use of surnames obligatory in the Republic of Turkey, whereas before, in the Ottoman Empire, there was no such thing. This law also decreed that the surnames in question had to be Turkish. With this, the Jewish citizens of Turkey took on a Turkish surname. Even the families that carried the same surname adopted fundamentally different surnames in this process, making it difficult at times to reach the original (root) surnames of these families. Under “All Surnames”, the original and adopted surnames of the families that lived in Tire can be found.

3) Another fundamental change during the early years of the Republic is the transition from the Islamic (Rumi) calendar to the Gregorian. For your convenience, we have converted the dates on the documents into Gregorian before adding said documents to the database. The conversion is calculated as follows:

“1 Kanunisani 1334” corresponds to 1 January 1918. For conversions before this date, if the Islamic date doesn’t correspond to january or february, 584 years and 13 days are added.

For instance: 01.07.1300 (Islamic) = 14.07.1884 (Gregorian)
If the Islamic date corresponds to either january or februrary, 585 years and 13 days are added.

For instance: 01.02.1300 (Islamic) = 14.02.1885 (Gregorian)
Conversions after the fixed date (01.01.1918) are calculated simply by adding 584 years. There is no difference of day and month.
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